Considering the very high prices of the vessels and immovables, the amount of money changing hands creates the need for a reliable intermediary for the exchange of money and goods.

A brokerage company and brokers are the answer to this intermediate need. As Opus Yachting with our professionalism, we are ready to support you during this long process full of formalities.

The process of buying and selling works as follows. First of all, an agreement is signed between the yacht owner and the brokerage company, stating that the relevant brokerage company is only authorized in the sale of the yacht. Afterward, the investor sees the yacht pictures and features beforehand and if he/she intends to purchase, signs a pre-proposal letter containing the relevant net price (this price may be below the announced sales price) and forwards it to the yacht owner through the broker. If this preliminary offer is considered serious and accepted by the yacht owner, negotiations can begin. In the next step, the predetermined down payment amount is deposited into the account of brokerage company. With this down payment, the bidder acquires the right to inspect every part of the relevant yacht, to make a trial cruise, to have all devices and equipment checked, and to take the yacht ashore for measurements. If, as a result of this process, the bidder decides to discontinue the commerce for any reason, all expenses such as the berth of the yacht, fuel for the trial run, and crew services will be deducted from the down payment amount, and the remaining balance amount will be refunded to the bidder and the deal will be cancelled.

After having found the yacht that suits all expectations and a final decision has been made on the purchase. The bidder, the seller, and the broker will be seated around the table to negotiate the deal, or instead, nowadays an online meeting can be requested.

As soon as it is agreed on purchasing   sale price, the remaining amount of the down payment will be completed to the brokerage company by the purchaser. When this payment is collected by the representative of brokerage company, the owner of the yacht completes the sales transaction by signing the handover of the yacht.

The new owner can transport or cruise the yacht itself overseas.