‘The secret to success is to be in harmony with the waves and the wind… ‘

A sailing yacht is a boat driven by the wind using its sails. Over the years, sailing yachts have been used for the long-distance transport of goods and people. The productivity of steam engines and fuel engines improved in the 19th century. The development of these technologies focused mostly on passenger transportation. With the development of larger and more luxurious sailing yachts in recent years, they have become more accessible to the commercial and private sectors.

Sailing yachts are constructed with lightweight materials, such as carbon fiber composite steel, and feature three masts to enhance their performance on open water. Having three masts allows for better handling of wind, providing greater stability and maneuverability to the yacht.  

A full-keel sailboat has a high displacement, mainly under the waterline, which creates a large lateral plan. Because of this, it offers a great deal of seaworthiness and stability on the water. As a result, it keeps the entire yacht stable against the effects of tide currents and other forces.

It is extremely crucial to consider the additional windage effect caused by masts and rigging when sizing anchors and cables. The approximate increase in anchor mass and required cable strength may vary for square-rigged sailing yachts.

Sailing may be considered a sport by some, but for others, it is a good way to relax and let go of stress. Every year, new luxury sailing yachts are built in shipyards and are waiting to be launched. Basically, they’re waiting to meet their new owners or to welcome guests aboard. Currently, sailing has gained high popularity throughout the world and is a preferred option for ‘Blue Cruisers’. There are many places around the world that attract sea enthusiasts to take yacht holidays, including Turkiye, Greece, Italy, and Croatia.

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