Generally, cabins are much smaller than your bedroom back at home.

The size of the cabins can change from 5 up to 15-20 square meters. Herewith you do not have much storage room or space. This is why we advise you to pack light and try to go for soft-sided luggage. After you have unpacked and you are all settled in your cabin, your soft-sided luggage is easy to hide and store away for later use.

During the day everyone goes for the casual look. Swim shorts or speedos combined with t-shirts or sleeveless t-shirts for men and bikini or swimsuit combined with lightweight summer dresses or sarong skirts for the ladies. In the evening with diner time or if you want to go out you can go for more an elegant look.

There are two significant reasons. The most important reason is hygiene and the other reason is to avoid damage to the yacht. As soon as you arrive onboard the crew and guests have to take off their shoes/slippers and leave them in the basket or shoe cabinet. You can walk around barefoot or you can use soft-soled shoes for indoor use. Hard soled shoes/slippers can leave scratches while stilettos can dent the deck.

We never say directly NO! Only with the permission of the captain, this question can be answered.

Due to hygiene and allergies, pets are usually not allowed on board. Sometimes exceptions can be made due to your pet is well trained and can stay outside by themselves.

Every period has something to offer what you are going to like or to love.

April, May, and October are months known as low season. Daytime is sunny and perfect to explore nature and do some sightseeing’s especially recommendable for our elderly passengers and the charter prices in the low season are more reasonable.

June, July, August, and September mean the high season is preferable for those who love the warmth and sparkling views and you will have the best opportunity to sleep outside underneath the stars.

As soon as you are welcomed on board you will be briefed by our crew.

Together with the captain, you can decide whether you want an active or relaxing holiday.

A relaxing holiday onboard will include much more activities on sea and in the direct area while on an active holiday you will have opportunities to go on excursions and explore the areas as well. Since private yacht charters are tailor-made tours shaped according to your wishes, every day will be a day of happiness and serenity.

Definitely yes! If you share your diet program with us a couple of weeks before boarding, we will make sure all your preferences according to your diet have been arranged and have been shared with our chef on board. This question is also for individuals who have certain allergies. The more information we can gather from you, the better services we can provide to you.

Yes, you can smoke on a yacht.

The outdoor areas will be suitable for smoking and ashtrays will be provided by our crew. It is forbidden to throw any kind of garbage, especially butts, into the sea.

We remind you that there are smoke detectors in the cabins and in the indoor areas. Herewith indoor smoking is not allowed on the yacht.

This is hard to say upfront. Due to that, every person is different, some people get seasick and some people don’t. Some of our guests try out a daily trip to see if they get seasick or not or as a precaution you can purchase seasickness pills or a sea sickness bracelet at the pharmacy.

Nowadays the yachts provide 220 volts. Sockets can be available in your cabin or the open areas of the yacht (important notification: you need a Europe plug for the sockets).

Some yachts are dotated with equipment that allows charging at all times, while on some yachts you can charge only during navigation or when the generator is activated.

Not all yachts provide the service of WIFI.

In certain bays, smartphones and tablets lose their strong connection due to range limitations.

The same problem is valid for WIFI not only for inland but also for foreign waters.

Therefore, we cannot guarantee a solid connection at sea.


This question will depend on the period you want to book your holiday.

In high season weekly reservations are more common and almost obligatory while in low season we can be more flexible for shorter-term requests.

Yes, you can book a daily trip.

According to the number of persons and your time interval, we can offer you a perfect day at sea.

After you have decided on the yacht which suits you the best for your holiday it will become clearer what the options are for your itinerary. Every yacht has a main harbor where it departs from, but sometimes the main harbor can change according to your preferences and availability. You can choose your itinerary during your reservation or discuss it one on one at arrival with the captain.

If you have a disability of any kind the most important thing is to inform us upfront about it.

The more information we get the better services and assistance we can offer you on spot.

According to your degree of disability, we will reply to you with honesty if this holiday will be suitable for you or not. We wish everyone the best yacht holiday but above all safe and comfortable for all including parties.

For those who are wheelchair users, we need to know if you can walk small distances or not.

Some yachts have wheelchair-friendly requirements but aren’t fully accessible in all areas. Together according to your walking ability, we will decide the best possibilities for your yacht holiday.

Yes, you do need personal travel insurance.

Depending on your preferences and wishes it will be obvious what kind of charter will suit you best.

Important keywords to find the right charter is country, area, participants, budget, and goal.

After answering these questions, we will share our offer that will meet your expectations.

In the yachting business, there are many different classes, and every yacht is so diverse from each other for this reason it makes it impossible to offer an equal price. All yachts are custom-designed with exclusive features to live up to all the needs of the buyer or the charterer.

Charter Prices do not include VAT (Value Added Tax).

Taxes vary from country to country this is why according to your inquiry; we will give a detailed offer about what is included and not included within the yacht services.

The meaning of APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance) is an advance payment required to pay your operating expenses on a luxury yacht, this amount is mostly 30% of the total charter fee amount.

Why do you need to pay APA? Because your charter fee does not include extra expenses aside from the rental cost of the yacht. Before your arrival and during your stay, all operating expenses (diesel and fuel, harbor fees, local taxes, customs fees, food, beverages, etc.) will be completed by the captain. Before disembarkation, an additional payment can be required from the captain in case the advance payment has been completely used or if there is spending less you will have the difference refunded to you.

We always try to do our best to provide you with the best price-quality of the market and herewith we live up to your expectations. As Opus Yachting, off-season you can follow the early booking discounts and the flash sales that we promote during the season on our website and social media accounts.

Booking and Payment

You can make a reservation by emailing us or you can contact us directly through WhatsApp. In both cases, in writing an offer will be sent out to you with all specifications of the yacht and instructions on how to finalize your reservation.

The extra services (food and beverages, water sports preferences, excursions, transfers, hotel and restaurant reservations, etc.) for a yacht can be decided later on. The priority is to pick the right yacht for your event. Generally, the extra services will become clearer as soon as the arrival date gets closer.

Signing the charter agreement is important for both parties to protect their interests.

Both parties will know what is expected of them and it is good to know what is agreed to and what’s not.

For the reservation to be finalized and the relevant date of the yacht to be blocked out,

35% of the total rental price must be paid. This percentage is counted as a down payment and the remaining balance must be completed one month before the arrival date.

Down payment and balance fee dates may vary for last-minute reservations or promoted prices.
Opus Yachting; reserves the right to demand the entire yacht rental fee for promotional sales and reservations realized close to the start of the tour.

To make sure that you can cancel your reservation, Opus Yachting terms and conditions will be applied.

For cancellations made 90 days or more before the arrival date, the down payment will be refunded to the original payment method.
For cancellations made between 89 and 30 days before the arrival date, 40% of the total rental price will be deducted from the outstanding balance and the difference will be refunded to the original payment method.
For cancellations made 29 days before the arrival date, the total rental price is non-refundable.

If you book early, you will have more advantages.

Prices will be reduced in comparison if you book on short notice and as a charterer, you will have more choice of yachts. Eventually, in high season, 90% of all yachts will be fully booked, herewith it will be harder for the charterer to book a yacht that suits 100% to their preferences and wishes.

Payments need to be completed through wire transfers.

For national and international wire transfers Opus Yachting bank accounts will be provided during the reservation process.

Tip for the crew is not included in the charter price. The tipping policy is from 5% to 15% of your charter fee. Generally, it is given to the captain in an envelope who will divide it with the other crew members.

According to the crew member’s qualifications and professionalism, the charterer can decide what the best scale is to express his/her gratitude.