About Us

Opus Yachting was established by joining forces of two people working in different fields of tourism for many years.
As Opus Yachting, we believe that the motivation for life is not to save money but to collect memories and people.

From the first communication until the last moment, our mission is to provide honest and quality customer service to people from all around the world. Regardless of language, religion, race, age, gender, and ethnic origin. For some people blue is just a color, for us sea lovers and yachtsmen, “blue” means reaching three-quarters of the world.

From those who are fine with putting their feet in the sea to marathon swimmers. From professional sailors to amateur sailors, or from non-swimmers to national swimmers. No matter what your relationship with the sea is.
We are always at your disposal to create unforgettable memories in your life.

Opus Yachting is multilingual and provides Dutch, English, German, Italian, Spanish, and Turkish services.


He started his career in tourism by guiding local and international tourists on blue cruise yacht tours. Since 2004, thanks to his experience on the land and sea, he has mastered different aspects of tourism. He gained his experience in the yachting industry by collecting information and knowledge he received from many yacht masters, captains, sailors, and other marine personnel he met throughout his career.

Thanks to his solution-oriented approach, he successfully and effectively carries out his tasks to conclude any request or expectations on the land or sea.

He believes that the waves, the wind, and the sound of sails are harmonious like a symphony. That’s why he sees his work as a work of art.


Having Dutch and Turkish genes in her DNA affected people of different cultures and languages throughout her tourism career. Meltem was born and raised in the Netherlands and later settled down in Turkiye, perfectly assimilating the cultures of the two countries.

She has worked domestically and internationally for many years in corporate tourism companies. She knows how to make guests feel comfortable and happy with attention to planning, meticulousness, and professionalism.

Her name has affected her, hence she always felt drawn to the sea. As soon as she entered the yachting sector, she realized everything fell into place. With her positive energy, kindness, and hard work she is a true ‘breeze’ that spreads from the land to the sea.