‘Blue Cruise memories are special moments that tell our Story…’ 

Blue Cruise, Blue Voyage, Yacht Tour, Boat Trip… All of these terms started with the exile of the author Cevat Sakir Kabaagaclı to Bodrum in 1925. Thanks to his experiences he would later get known under the pseudonym ‘’Fisherman of Halicarnassus’’. The author, who survived the execution at the last minute due to the political article he wrote, was sent to Bodrum for a 3-year exile ‘kalebent’. For those who do not know the word Kalabent, it means imprisonment of criminals within the borders of a castle. After have spent 1.5 years penal in Bodrum, he went to Istanbul to go through the last half of the punishment.

Because he loved the people and natural beauty, Cevat Sakir returned to Bodrum and stayed there for 25 years. During his stay in Bodrum, he was especially prominent for his sea stories.

The first Blue Cruise began under the leadership of the Fisherman of Halicarnassus in 1945. His first passengers were Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu, Sabahattin Eyuboglu, Sabahattin Ali, Erol Guney, Benya, Necati Cumali, and Fuat Omer Keskinoglu. Thanks to the fisherman Mustafa Esim also known as ‘’Paluko’’ (who was also a close friend of Cevat Sakir), the blue voyagers could set sail starting from Izmir to the Gulf of Gokova. This journey which started as an expedition turned for the intellectuals into a ritual over time.

According to the onboard rules of the blue voyage at that time, listening to the radio or reading newspapers was prohibited. Also, the yachtsmen would not take anchor from the harbor without taking provisions with them. A few examples of the provisions are cheese, water, hardtack, and raki (the national alcoholic drink of Turkiye).

When it comes to blue voyages, the first thing that comes to mind is daily and weekly boat cruises. Yacht companies (like ourselves) organize these trips offering a wide range of routes in different areas. Though, the real meaning of the two words ‘Blue Cruise’ is completely different in the history of maritime culture.

The Blue Cruise or the ‘Blue Voyage’ started with boats in primitive conditions without cabins, private bathrooms, and toilets. However present day it has turned into a million-euro industry. What would now yachts be without satellite television, a music system, WIFI, or Bluetooth speakers? Let alone air conditioning, sauna, or jacuzzi. Water sports are trend sports that have a great impact on the yachting industry and cannot be missed out on. These are just a few examples of features and services that are provided these days.

For those who want to experience the Blue Cruise, we are an expert in our field. Should you have any questions or need any further inquiries we will gladly be of assistance.

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