‘Feel the wind in the sails and have trust in the engine…’

The word ‘motor sailer’ is quite confusing and most of the time it is used incorrectly. Since motor sailers have one or two large engines like powerboats, they are often compared to powerboats. Motor sailers benefit from the power of the engine, allowing them to power up to higher speeds and sail in heavier winds than sailing yachts. This makes them a successful choice for experienced sailors looking for a different type of sailing experience.

A motor sailer is a mixed propulsion yacht that utilizes both mechanics and sails. An average cruising speed of 7-10 knots can be achieved with the mechanical propulsion system. In other words, a motor sailer is capable of cruising with engine power even on long stretches at cruising speed without using sails. Depending on the vessel, maximum speeds can reach 15 knots.

Despite its unique appeal, sailing is far from an easy form of travel. It requires an immense amount of physical strength and effort to manage sailing equipment, monitor the weather and wind, and enjoy the moment all at once. Thus, the motor sailer has become a popular choice for sailing yacht enthusiasts looking for an easier route. You can enjoy sunbathing, sip on a tasty cocktail, or become active and involved as soon as the sails go up. It’s your choice… you can cruise in comfort and with ease, or challenge yourself to the full sailing experience.

Crewed yacht charters have become increasingly popular over the last few years. The advantage of a crewed charter is they take care of and coordinate all aspects of the yacht. Everything in the charter is considered from the beginning to the end. With this service, guests can make the most of their ‘boating holiday’ without having to cook, clean, or navigate for themselves.

There are many types and models of motor sailer yachts, and wooden yachts are one of them. Typically having at least two masts and Marconi sails, wooden yachts provide a classic sailing experience and are designed with graceful lines and timeless elegance. Despite the fact that most of the new vessels are made from fiberglass or steel, wood is a stronger, more durable, lightweight, and environmentally friendly material. 

The motor sailer yacht fleet we offer in Greece and Turkiye offers a wide selection of options for your yacht rental needs. The right yacht can be selected based on the destination, the number of people, the yacht class, and individual preferences. Our fleet is accessible by clicking the link below.

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