‘Feel the wind in the sails and have trust in the engine…’

The word ‘motor sailer’ is quite confusing and most of the time is referred not right. They are often compared to a powerboat owing that they are equipped with one or two large engines like a powerboat. But on the other hand motor sailers can give pleasure of true sailing. On the positive side in this way can bring an exciting feel to the whole experience. The substantial difference between sailing yachts and motor sailers is in the power of the engine.

The motor sailer is a mixed propulsion yacht consisting of mechanics and sail. The mechanical propulsion system is capable of imparting a cruising speed of an average of 7-10 knots. Meaning the motor sailer is capable of cruising with engine power even on long stretches at cruising speed without the use of sails. Maximum speed can easily reach up to 15 knots which varies from vessel to vessel.

Although sailing is unique and the feeling of being one with nature is rewarding, it isn’t the easiest way to travel. It costs a lot of effort and strength to control the sailing equipment, continuously keep track of the weather and wind, and at the same time, enjoy the moment you are in. For one thing, the motor sailer has become the perfect alternative for sailing yacht lovers. Jump into the sea, go sunbathing, treat yourself to a nice cocktail, or be active and involved as soon as the sails are up, it’s your choice…

These days crewed yacht charters have become more and more popular. The advantage of a crewed charter is they take care of and coordinate all aspects of the yacht. All things are considered from the beginning to the end of the charter. This way guests can have the fullest out of their ‘boating holiday’ without the need to cook, clean, or navigate. 

Motor sailer yachts come in a wide variety of types and models and one of them is wooden yachts. These traditional yachts have the technology to enable the true definition of sailing. They have at least two masts and are equipped with Marconi sails. Even though the newer vessels are made of fiberglass and steel, wood is strong, has better durability, is lightweight, and is environmentally friendly.

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