‘A yacht for all seasons, trawler…’ 

The best question to start this topic is; ‘What is a trawler’?

The origin of the word ‘trawler’ comes from the Dutch verb ‘tragelen’. English ‘traw drag net’, and Latin ‘tragula’ means; what is ‘drawn’ or ‘dragged’?

There are fishing trawlers and recreational trawlers. A fishing trawler has a displacement hull to maximize its load factor and is designed to operate fishing trawls. Recreational trawlers are as likely to have a semi-displacement hull. At the present time they are designed to make ‘blue voyages’ possible along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. The increasing demand for trawler charters has changed the yachting market and as a result, it has proudly earned its place in the yachting industry. Gulets, sailing yachts, and motor yachts are popular and loved. Although this is true, Trawlers will be a great alternative for blue cruise lovers.

Compared to motor yachts, trawlers cruise calmly and quietly at lower speeds. This makes trawlers captivating not only for visiting guests but also for buyers. Most trawlers have a large fuel capacity and often own a watermaker. By this means they can be weeks or even months out of the sea without coming ashore.

The common theme of the trawler is its look. They have a heft to them, ride deep in the water, are easy to maneuver, and often have hoists for a tender. The hulls of a trawler are wide and therefore offer potential spacious interiors. This means voluminous cabins, a fully equipped galley, large saloons, and more storage spaces. Traditionally trawlers are between 11 to 18 meters, nowadays the new customized trawlers can be ranging up to 30 meters or even more. The most valuable asset of chartering a trawler is that they are not suitable for crowded groups and are therefore in a league of their own. Generally, trawlers have at least two and at most five cabins and are ideal for parties from two up to ten people.

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