‘It doesn’t matter which yacht you choose, but I got your back…’

Compared to a Gulet, with its raised and squared stern it can provide availability of space for additional cabins. In the stern, one master cabin or two standard cabins may be located. It has cabins that can accommodate 8 to 36 people, with a private shower and WC in each cabin and 4-16 double beds. They generally are marconi sail equipped and are around 18 to 40 meters.

What makes a Flatback Yacht, is related to the yacht itself as much as about the rigging. The Flatback Yacht comes in many shapes, sizes, and designs. Although it looks like a Gulet, due to the location of the cabin(s) at the back, they are built with a flat stern. This yacht is a two-masted, motor sailer with a foremast longer than the mainmast. This form which has been used in Northern Europe for centuries began its construction for the first time in Bodrum/Turkiye in 1986. Nowadays more of these types of yachts are manufactured.

If you always have wanted to experience the ‘Blue Cruise’ now is your chance! With many beautiful destinations and a wide range selection, it is easy to find the yacht of your dreams. Explore small fishing villages in bays, and green forests with amazing hiking paths, or visit ancient ruins, and sites. Other daytime activities are swimming, snorkeling, or catching some fish. In the evening enjoy breathtaking sunsets, exquisitely prepared meals, undergo the experience of sleeping under the stars and so much more…

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