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‘’The real sailors experience the Tirhandil in its place of birth!’’

The name comes from the Greek “Trea Kena” meaning one-third. Its width is 3/1 of its length.
It’s a type of yacht that is supported by sails and was used in the past for shipping, fishing, and sponge diving. These days, the Tirhandil is also being chartered for Blue Cruises. They are suitable, especially for smaller families, couples, and less crowded parties.

Tirhandils form remained pretty much unchanged for three hundred years.
With its traditional measures between 11 to 15 meters, the structure of the yacht is unlike a Gulet. This traditional vessel, which is unique to the Aegean Sea and with a small number of cabins, is a “sailor” type of yacht with a very good sailing performance.

The Gulet and flatback yachts have rounded or angular sterns contrary to the Tirhandil which has a pointed stern. The deck of a Tirhandil is extremely inclined and the middle is very close to the water regardless of their size got gunnels. Tirhandils can maneuver in places up to their length and this is the most important ability they have.

The Tirhandil Cup in Bodrum/Turkiye aims to introduce a new dimension to the sailing sport. However, the main goal is to promote and to keep the symbol of Bodrum the “Tirhandils” alive. In domestic and international waters, it is dubbed as the “living legend”. The cup is held every year around January, February, March, and April, and curious sailors can also participate in the races as guests and crew.

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